What is supercompensation - and why is it so important?

The human body is a wonderful ‘machine’. Instead of wearing down as a result of usage, it gets stronger, faster or gains endurance – depending on what kind of demands it faces. This phenomenon is known as the ‘SAID principle’, specific adaptation to imposed demands. How does this step-like progression happen in the context of strength training? Want to know how you can turn this tacit expert knowledge into better workout results? Read on!

What is training load - and how to gain optimal workout results?

The main components of training load are volume and intensity. These must be increased to cause progressive overload and adaptation. Also, there is a trade-off between volume and intensity: in most cases, volume goes down as intensity increases and vice-versa.


Muscle soreness and successful recovery - key components in your training

The previous squat workout was a real killer. Your quads and glutes still scream in agony after two days. You don’t really feel like training, nor should you do so. But after 3-4 days, the soreness starts to disappear. You only feel slight discomfort in your legs. Is the recovery process set and done? Are you ready to hit the squat rack again? Moreover, how can you use soreness to determine the optimal training frequency?

Muscle Growth: Hypertrophy

Muscle fiber increases its size in response to training. These little changes accumulate over time, which gives us a great way for remodeling our bodies and, in addition, increases our performance. 

Muscle adaptation – How fast can you gain strength and how does it happen?

The neuromuscular system quickly adapts to imposed demands. What are the key factors behind this adaptation and how can you aim to maximize it?

Weight control with RecoApp – gain muscle and lose fat without guesswork!

If you’re not assessing, you’re guessing. I’m not too fond of clichés, but over the years this used up phrase has become more and more important for me. When asked about their result in muscle gainor weight loss, too many trainees give responses like this: “Well, my weight has gone up a bit, Iguess...” or “I try to eat clean, but I’m not losing any fat... How many calories do I get daily? Umm... I don’t really know... Haven’t really thought about that...” Now it’s time to put an end tothis and start making some real progress with a little help from RecoApp!

Importance of workout variation: Periodization

First, I would like to make a bold statement: most gym-goers out there are on plateau of some short. Why is that? The simple reason is, there’s not enough variation in their training; variation in terms of training intensity, volume, frequency, lifting tempo, exercise selection and so on.

Stress and recovery

Hectic work schedule, kids driving you nuts at home, too many things going on with your hobbies... Sounds like normal, everyday life in today’s society. Put a demanding gym program on top of that and you will not reach optimal results. At least, you need to make some changes here and there, and modify your training according to your overall stress levels.

KISS Training – less stress, more gains!

After working with hundreds of clients over the last decade, if I had to single out the biggest training mistake among gym goers, it would be making their training too complicated for their current level of conditioning and training age.

How to accelerate your recovery with stretching and light aerobic training

What separates the training program of an elite athlete and an average gym rat? Besides intensity differences, the main difference is balance in the choices of loading intensity. Elite athletes do a lot of active recovery training. This kind of training accelerates mental and physical recovery from high intensity training and can really accelerate your gains as well.

Training choices that affect your recovery – learn and apply them via intelligent manipulation!

Few weeks ago I received a phone call. It was a client of mine. First, he was silent, so I thought something was wrong. Then he shouted: “I just had a weight-in, my weight is now up 17 kilos!” We started 17 months ago. And his abs are still showing. And he’s drug-free, guaranteed.