• We have developed the state-of-the-art system and methodology for analyzing and displaying otherwise complex training related data, including stress and sleep measurement.

•  Through our extensive MVP testing, we can offer unprecedented value to your health platform,  smart clothing or gym exercise equipment through simple and cutting edge "traffic light color coding" -data interpretation 

• Our system and methdology will give competitive advantage to your health platform, smart clothing products or fitness exercise equipment.

• Our  innovation: fast and easy to understand UX for analyzing data from smart clothing, gym exercise equipment and sleep measuring devices and the like.

Other assets:

• Domain portfolio which includes recoapp.com, recosmart.com and recoboost.com (including several others) for a use of future products. RecoApp as the secured trademark both in EU & USA.

• Readiness to execute disruptive recovery training solutions together with our world leading partners, namely Emfit Oy and the like.